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C3 & the NYS Social Studies Framework:  MOB Social Studies / School Librarian Conference

Dec. 3, 2014 @ the Vernon Downs Hotel

Keynote:  C3, the NYS Social Studies Resource Toolkit and Inquiry - with Professor John Lee and Professor David Hicks

The New York Social Studies Toolkit Project is creating instructional materials and professional development for implementing the newly released New York Social Studies Frameworks. The Toolkit project work follows the Inquiry Arc, as presented in the College, Career, and Civic Life for Social Studies State Standards (C3 Framework), including the four dimensions: (1) Developing questions and planning inquiries, (2) Applying disciplinary concepts and tools, (3) Evaluating sources and using evidence and (4) Communicating conclusions and taking informed action.


Professor John Lee:  Professor John Lee Associate professor of social studies education at North Carolina State University. His scholarly work focuses on pedagogies and tools for using digital historical resources in K-12 and teacher education settings as well as theories and practices related to new literacies. He directs the Digital History and Pedagogy Project ( and co-directs the New Literacies Collaborative ( In addition, he is interested in theory and practice related to global learning and democratic education.  He is the author of VISUALIZING ELEMENTARY SOCIAL STUDIES METHODS.  Dr. Lee served as a senior adviser and contributing writer of the COLLEGE, CAREER, AND CIVIC LIFE FRAMEWORK FOR SOCIAL STUDIES STATE STANDARDS. 

Professor David Hicks:
AssociaProf. David Hicks te professor of education specializing in history and social science education.  His publications include a co-edited book with E. Thomas Ewing entitled EDUCATION AND THE GREAT DEPRESSION: LESSONS FROM A GLOBAL HISTORY.  He has served as co-editor of the social studies current issue section of the Society for Information TEchnology and Teacher Education (SITE) online journal, CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN TECHNOLOGY AND TEACHER EDUCATION.

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Students speak out for school libraries (MP3 file)

See what authors have to say about school libraries and school librarians (click full screen icon):

In  2-25-2013:

Selection of Authentic Texts for Common Core Instruction: Guidance and a List of Resources for Text Selection:

Libraries and librarians are also great resources.Your school librarian is likely an under-tapped resource with many library catalogs searchable by Lexile. Your librarian can lead you to a plethora of appropriate materials for learning centers, online access of articles, complexity tools and more. NYS School Library Systems Association has led a resource aggregation for many additional resources to meet the Common Core Learning Standards and curriculum modules. Please visit the following site for an example of such a site:

  • School Librarians Make a Difference

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 10/7/2014
    The American Library Association has just published “School Libraries Make the Difference,” a new addition to I Love Libraries, ALA’s website for the public. It’s available at
    School Librarian Advocacy
    Written specifically with parents in mind, it focuses on the importance of quality school libraries and certified school librarians for student success at all education levels. Facts about student success, lifelong learning and college and career readiness, as well as infographics, and videos produced by state school library associations help to illustrate the importance of quality school library programs. Tips for getting involved range from visiting a school library to writing op-eds for local publications.
    Created in consultation with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), this resource complements AASL’s new, “School Libraries Transform Learning,” a digital supplement produced by American Libraries magazine. It’s available at and
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  • Common Core and Support for Struggling Students

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 10/5/2014
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  • Principal talks about value of hiring the right librarian

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/28/2014
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  • Librarians Changing Instruction to Meet the Times

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/21/2014
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  • A National Effort to Read to Kids 15 Minutes a Day

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/20/2014 
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  • Turn Read Alouds to Talk Alouds webinar

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/14/2014
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  • Ted-ed clubs

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/2/2014

    TED’s educational arm has launched TED-Ed Clubs, an effort to support students who conduct research, write, and present and record their own ideas in a TED talk format. The goal is to stimulate and celebrate the best ideas of students around the world. TED-Ed piloted the project with 100 schools, focusing mostly on middle and high school–aged students. Most of the pilot schools started with TED-Ed clubs held during lunch or after school, but some teachers incorporated materials into the classroom. TED-Ed offers free guiding materials for13 club meetings, taking students through the step-by-step process of creating a TEDtalk. The program suggests starting with a meeting to talk about what students are passionate about. Then each student pursues one idea over the next 13 weeks. In successive weeks, students discuss the qualities of a great idea, conduct research on their topics, identify good and bad habits in presentations, give feedback to one another and ultimately give a TED-style talk captured on video.

    Click Here for More Information About TED-Ed Clubs

    Click Here to Apply to Start a TED-Ed Club

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  • Cool website

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 8/23/2014
    Cool website with public domain images, videos and more:
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  • SLS Awarded 3rd NYS Archives LGRMIF grant for $18,473

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 8/23/2014
    We are very pleased to announce that the SLS was fully funded for our new, New York State Archives, Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grant.  The goal for our grant is to continue to train school librarians and classroom teachers in using local historical primary sources into the curricula to meet Common Core Learning Standards.  We will be offering at least two - three day workshops; the first is scheduled for Nov. 4, 5 and 6.  Please register in MyLearningPlan.  Anyone who has taken the class in the past is encouraged to also attend as we will have new information shared and time for participants to create lesson plans.  Sub teacher reimbursements will be provided to districts.  We will ask each participant to submit a lesson plan for our regional website and to plan to teach it during the school year.  Our lesson plan website can be found here: .  We encourage any educators to use these lesson plans.  Questions about the grant, may be addressed to Diana Wendell at
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  • Welcome to our new SLS website!

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 4/15/2014
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