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  School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

C3 & the NYS Social Studies Framework:  MOB Social Studies / School Librarian Conference.  Click here for handouts and pictures from the day.

NYS Archives Awards Luncheon

NYS Interim Archivist - Thomas J. Ruller, Matthew Urtz - Madison County Historian, Denise Roe - Madison County Clerk, and Diana Wendell - Madison-Oneida BOCES SLS Director receiving the 2014 Annual Archives Award for Excellence in the Educational Use of Local Government Records by a Local Government at the Cultural Education Building on Oct. 21, 2014.

Photo credit:  Harvey Vlahos, Altamont Manor Photography.

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Students speak out for school libraries (MP3 file)

See what authors have to say about school libraries and school librarians (click full screen icon):

In  2-25-2013:

Selection of Authentic Texts for Common Core Instruction: Guidance and a List of Resources for Text Selection:

Libraries and librarians are also great resources.Your school librarian is likely an under-tapped resource with many library catalogs searchable by Lexile. Your librarian can lead you to a plethora of appropriate materials for learning centers, online access of articles, complexity tools and more. NYS School Library Systems Association has led a resource aggregation for many additional resources to meet the Common Core Learning Standards and curriculum modules. Please visit the following site for an example of such a site:

  • Study Ties College Success to Students’ Exposure to a High School Librarian

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 1/2/2015
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  • Skills Matter More Than Tools!

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 1/2/2015
    School librarians teach the skills:
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  • Quote about school libraries from author, Gayle Rosengren

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 1/2/2015

    School libraries are HUGELY important!  Every child doesn’t have the ability to walk to their public library on their own; they have to rely on adults to take them, and some parents are too busy to make this a priority. Perhaps they’re working two jobs and they’re exhausted at the end of the day.  Perhaps they aren’t readers themselves and don’t understand the importance of exposing their child to a world of books and starting them down the path to being lifelong readers.  But kids always have access to books in their school libraries.  At least, this has been the case in the past.  Unfortunately, school budget cuts in some school districts are threatening this heretofore most reliable source of books.  They don't see how vital school libraries are to education.  Schools without libraries would be like a daily diet of only meat and potatoes--no fruits, no whole grain breads, no fresh vegetables or yummy desserts.  The meals would keep hunger at bay, but they wouldn't result in a healthy, well-nourished child.

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  • BOCES Collaborations

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 12/3/2014
    Melissa Middleton, Jon Cornue, and Diana Wendell
    Melissa Middleton - RSE-TASC Coordinator, Jon Cornue - Staff Developer, and Diana Wendell - SLS Director at Social Studies/School Librarian Conference
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  • MOB SLS Wins 2014 NYS Archives Excellence in Educational Use of Gov't Records by a Local Gov't Award

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 11/19/2014
    Matt Urtz, Denise Roe, Diana Wendell, and Regent Tilles
    Award granted to MOB SLS and Madison County 
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  • SLSA Empire State Information Fluency Continuum (IFC) now on EngageNY

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 11/7/2014
     Carlos Ramirez, John King, Jeff Cannell
    Carlos Ramirez, NYSED Coordinator of Technology Policy, NYS Commissioner of Education, John B. King and Deputy Commissioner of Cultural Education, Jeff Cannell.
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  • November is Picture Book Month

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 11/1/2014
    Picture Book Month logo
    For program ideas visit
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  • School Librarians Make a Difference

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 10/7/2014
    The American Library Association has just published “School Libraries Make the Difference,” a new addition to I Love Libraries, ALA’s website for the public. It’s available at
    School Librarian Advocacy
    Written specifically with parents in mind, it focuses on the importance of quality school libraries and certified school librarians for student success at all education levels. Facts about student success, lifelong learning and college and career readiness, as well as infographics, and videos produced by state school library associations help to illustrate the importance of quality school library programs. Tips for getting involved range from visiting a school library to writing op-eds for local publications.
    Created in consultation with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), this resource complements AASL’s new, “School Libraries Transform Learning,” a digital supplement produced by American Libraries magazine. It’s available at and
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  • Common Core and Support for Struggling Students

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 10/5/2014
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  • Principal talks about value of hiring the right librarian

    Posted by Diana Wendell at 9/28/2014
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